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2014 FS World Cup Groups

Football Superstars World Cup groups and fixtures for all Pele 7s,11s and Cruyff 5s competitions have been published on the Football Superstars tournament website. Check out your opponents’ rosters, see the fixtures and don’t forget to visit the World Cup chat-room and World Cup forum on the site to arrange your upcoming matches. Managers are required to contact league administrators for PMC delegations and PMC kit re-design funds. 

Good luck to all players in Football Superstars World Cup!

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Angels SC Win the Masters League

Angels SC won the Masters League Season 1 after beating the Devils FC in the final match with a flawless 3-0 victory on Monday evening. Angels took the lead early in the first half, added 2 more unanswered goals later in the game shutting down Devils FC (who had never failed to score in a match in the league before this one).

The Football Superstars team congratulates Angels SC for this incredible success in Masters League this season.

The victory also setup Angels SC and Joker FC in the Super Cup final.


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